My Favorite Tactic To Attract Asian Women

Published: 22nd January 2010
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Isn't it frustrating when you're at a nightclub and you spot a sexy girl on the dance floor, but she's with a group of her friends? It looks impossible to penetrate that "inner circle" and start talking to (or dancing with) the hottie you're interested in.

It seems like this is a particularly big challenge big problem for men who like Asian women, because this is so often the case at clubs. The good-looking Asian women stick together in huddles, which makes it challenging for you to walk up and start flirting with one of them.

Well, I have a technique that I often use to "isolate" an Asian girl in a group of friends and get a conversation started with her.

I'll say to the girl, "I like what you're wearing tonight -- you've got a good eye for fashion. Quick question. I need to pick up a birthday gift for my friend Sarah, and she's the same size as you...what's a good place to buy her something stylish to wear? And is there anything you would recommend?"

Asian women always love to talk about these things. Let her respond, get her to talk about it, and act all impressed. Tell her, "wow, I can tell you know a lot about should have your own reality television show where you help people get their style together. Like my friend Mike, for instance. He's a good-looking guy but he's still wearing the stuff he wore back in high school. So what do you think is the #1 MISTAKE that guys make with their fashion?"

The bottom line is, you are prompting her to talk about style and fashion and guys who are hilariously bad dressers...these are all conversational topics that girls NATURALLY cannot shut up about. This conversational topic will get you in the door with her...and it's the first step towards knowing how to attract Asian women and building a serious relationship...

But before I give you any more information on how to attract Asian women, please heed this warning...

The tactics contained in our FREE 75-page manual will affect women on a deep subsconcious level and make them feel powerful sexual attraction. We ask you to please use this information responsibly! If you're ready to get started now and learn the "secret art" of how to attract Asian women, visit our site and download your free manual now.

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