How To Approach Women And Get A Phone Number Within 60 Seconds

Published: 12th January 2010
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Understanding how to approach women is the single most imperative thing you can do at this time to expand your dating life.

Every Friday night, millions of dudes all over the world, from California to Tokyo, splash on their cologne and proceed to the nightclubs in the hopes of meeting women. Of course, they might pretend like they're only stepping out for a few drinks with their friends, but scores of them are in reality aiming to get lucky tonight with a girl.

And right there lies their first mistake: thinking of seduction in terms of "getting lucky." Most guys really think that making some magic happen with a babe at a bar is about luck, fate, or happening to be in the right place at the perfect moment.

These guys fail to grasp that when it comes to how to approach women, there are several "classic errors" that men make on a regular basis -- blowing their chances without even knowing it -- and that there are dependable tactics you can apply to virtually guarantee a victorious outcome.

For one guy, "success" might mean talking to a cute girl and going home with her digits. But for guys who've perfected their approach and conversation skills, success is judged differently. Ask them about how to approach women, and they'll declare that anything short of a "same night lay" -- bringing a hot girl home with them TONIGHT -- is a wasted evening.

Of course, the trouble is that more than 90% of guys have no clue how to approach a woman. Fundamentally, they are too intimidated to approach women because of the great amount of uncertainty that is part of this process.

Think about it. What goes through your mind when you catch sight of a woman at a bar that you would love to approach? You might be thinking something like...

"A girl who is that beautiful must already have a boyfriend."

"I'm probably not her type."

"I can tell, she isn't in the mood to be approached."

And then of course, there's the standard guy excuse...

"I want to move toward that girl, but what the heck am I supposed to say to her?"

What's happening hereis that you are only envisioning the probable NEGATIVE outcomes. This is because you've trained yourself to believe that the most likely outcome, when you endeavor to approach women, is that they won't want to talk to you.

And so of course, for dudes who have no idea how to approach women, this usually IS the outcome. After suffering through this awkward process dozens, perhaps hundreds of times, these dudes give up trying to talk to girls completely.

This type of guy will think , "why bother? She's only going to respond the way the last 63 girls did. She won't be interested for some reason, and then I'll have to endure the embarassment of retreating with my tail between my legs."

I'm here to tell you that you can discover how to approach women in a manner that is confident, playful and most of all Tactical. There are some very cool, specific "openers" you can apply with women that will make them smile, and lock in their attention.

We've tested every one of these techniques out in the field THOUSANDS of times, to make sure these are the very top ways to "break the ice" and launch an interaction.

From now on, women will not see you as some awkward, insecure guy who is hoping to NOT get rejected. Instead, girls will straight away feel that you're a dude who can add additional fun and excitement to their evening.

If you're ready to master our "bulletproof" techniques for how to approach women and create INSTANT CHEMISTRY with beautiful women, go to our site, download our free seduction guide, which is offered at the Mack Tactics website. It's filled with dozens of tips on approaching women. Go ahead and get started -- a world of beautiful, available women await you.

So, come to our website and download our free seduction guide, which is absolutely jam-packed with tips on how to approach women. In under one hour you can learn how to approach a woman in any situation with unstoppable confidence and a charming, flirty style that she will love

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