Dating Asian Women - How To Approach Hot Asian Girls

Published: 18th February 2010
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Throughout my years as a dating trainer, a lot of students have asked me specifically about dating Asian women, or they're curious about how to pick up Asian women.

For starters, if you're going to date Asian women you're going to need to learn how to approach them. And I've taught dudes how to approach and succeed with women in every situation you can think of. A lot of my students have been insanely successful. I've seen shy dudes who were scared to approach girls turn into "approach machines" who all of a sudden began to meet new women every day -- and got more phone numbers than they knew what to do with!

I have actually seen very quiet students of mine, who were previously too anxious to talk to girls, quickly evolve into "approach masters" who were able to meet new women on a daily basis (even while simply shopping at the mall!) and constantly score phone numbers, dates and even one-night stands.

But a guy's confidence level can take a serious hit -- and that old "approach anxiety" can come creeping back in -- when he is faced with the challenge of approaching an exceptionally stunning Asian stunner. The kind of chick who makes every dude stop and stare when she walks into the room.

The answer, actually, is fairly straightforward: you're doing to employ the exact same approach concepts that I tell my guys to use with any female, but soon after you use one of my "bridging" techniques to get her engaged in the conversation with you, are going to use two powerful techniques -- Cold Reads and Teases -- so that her tremendous good looks won't even be an issue.

So what are Cold Reads and Teases, exactly? Well, they're two very dominant manuevers that you should use when you flirt with women. Really, these are two of my favorite conversational "weapons."

For the purposes of this article, I'll just tell you real quick that Teases are things that you say to women in a playful way, that plant a very important idea in their subconscious: that you are NOT an ordinary guy who is bowled over and staggered by how hot she is.

If you tease a woman the right way -- remember it's about being PLAYFUL, not rude -- you're treating her as you would treat an old friend -- joking around, not taking things too seriously. When you're chilling with someone you've known for a long time, you're naturally going to tease and joke around with that person. By using Teases with a hot woman, in a strategic way, you are showing that you're not fazed by her beauty and you are relating to her as a normal person.

Of course, this is exactly the OPPOSITE of how the typical dude behaves when he is talking to a gorgeous Asian hottie. This guy can't even carry on a normal conversation because he's so frightened of saying the WRONG thing and messing it up!

Now, as for Cold Reads, these are really powerful. Basically, you "read" her and tell her something about herself -- as if you've got psychic powers and understand her on a deeper level.

Effectively using a Cold Read makes you seem to be extremely perceptive and it immediately establishes a bond between you and the woman. And the clever thing about an effective Cold Read statement is that they apply to virtually any woman. Whether you say it to your sister, or to a super hot girl at the nightclub, she's going to nod her head and agree with your assessment .

So after you approach a woman and use an effective opener to begin the conversation -- and there are tons of these in my book -- you'll use a Transition strategy to move things onto the right theme. Then, you can use Teases and Cold Reads:

Example of a Tease: "Cindy, I gotta say, I misjudged you at first. I can sense that there is a lot more to you than meets the's too bad you aren't my type." (Then, you change the focus and leave her wondering WHY you just said that...)

COLD READ: "Y'know something Cindy, I can tell that a lot of people get the wrong impression of you when they first see you. You have this sort of cold exterior, but it's because you've been hurt before by someone that you trusted, and you're cautious sometimes about meeting new people. But they don't realize what a sweet, sensitive person you really are underneath."

This Cold Read works exceptionally well with really sexy females because they are often self-conscious about how people perceive them. No woman wants to be seen as a shallow, hot "bimbo." These really sexy women can be very insecure, actually -- and they are often desperate to be appreciated for deeper qualities beyond their looks, such as their personality, their sense of humor, things they are knowledgable about, etc.)

Honestly, it isn't hard to learn how to approach beautiful Asian girls and wind up dating Asian women. If you combine these tactics with other effective conversational techniques, you have the recipe for a highly positive interaction that will trigger all of her "attraction buttons" and and make her genuinely interested and attracted in you. Getting her phone number will be guaranteed -- and where you take it from there is up to you.

But before we go any further, I need to ask you a question...

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